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Step 1

Send Us A Copy of Your Electric Bill

We require a copy of your recent electric bill to assess your solar energy needs accurately. This allows us to analyze your energy usage patterns and determine the ideal configuration for your solar system. By examining your consumption trends, we can calculate the number of solar panels, batteries, and the appropriate size of the inverter required to meet your energy requirements efficiently. Rest assured, this information ensures a tailored solution that maximizes your energy savings and environmental impact.

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Step 2

Tell Us About Your Home

In this step, we require essential details about your home to ensure a seamless solar installation process. Please provide information such as the type of roof (e.g., shingle, tile, metal), the number of floors in your home, and any other relevant details about the property's structure. This information is crucial for accurately assessing the requirements for materials such as wires, screws, rails, roof mounts, and various miscellaneous items needed for the installation. By understanding the unique characteristics of your home, we can design a solar system that seamlessly integrates with your property, maximizing both efficiency and aesthetics. Your collaboration in providing this information enables us to deliver a custom solar solution optimized for your home's specifications.

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Step 3

What Type of System Are You Interested In?

In this final step, please specify the type of solar system you are interested in. Whether you're considering a grid-tied system, an off-grid solution, or a hybrid setup, your choice helps us tailor our recommendations to match your preferences and requirements. Each system type offers unique benefits, from maximizing energy savings with grid-tied systems to achieving independence from the utility grid with off-grid solutions. Additionally, hybrid systems combine the best of both worlds, providing resilience and flexibility. By indicating your preference here, we can ensure that the proposed solar solution aligns perfectly with your goals, whether they be financial savings, environmental sustainability, or energy independence.

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